Right now, the wrath of coronavirus is the major concern of the entire world. It is a great challenge and threat that has been imposed upon global health security since within just a few weeks the virus has spread to four countries and all others remain dangered. Medical experts claim that the origin of the coronavirus was an animal source at a local-sea market in China. Since infectious diseases cannot be contained in a particular region, it will not take time for the coronavirus to lead the world towards lethal casualties and disrupt global peace. So is India ready to tackle this threatening epidemic?

Earlier when the swine-flu pandemic attacked India, it increased its laboratory capabilities, risk communication, and surveillance systems up to detect and report infectious outbreaks. But the country lacks a national transport system for specimens and also has inadequate integration of data between the human, animal and/or environmental health sectors to identify and monitor zoonotic diseases more quickly.

Even though India has strengthened ts points of entry for effective and efficient surveillance and emergency responses one cannot ignore the imbalance between the doctor-patient ratio, nurses and hospitals. If coronavirus breaks out in India, it must have a strategic national stockpile: a national repository of life-saving medical countermeasures for use during an emergency severe enough to cause local and state supplies to run out. It is important for the country to be ready to prevent, detect and rapidly respond to such public-health emergencies, right now focusing on coronavirus.