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India’s Healthcare industry needs more investment like done in IT sector

In recent years, India saw tremendous development in the IT sector because the government explored the potential of it in our country. It saw big investments and now India’s IT sector sits as in the list of the top countries for IT. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, chairperson and managing director of Biocon Limited recently said in an interview with ET Now that India’s Healthcare industry needs more investment from the government not only in finance but also its full support.

India is already the pharmacy of the world after China. It is one of the most integral countries in the production of vaccines all over the world, almost sixty percent. Our healthcare professionals, scientists, or researchers are talented. If the government would believe in their capabilities and encourage them to stay in India and provide necessary resources, India can be in the forefront in Healthcare like it became of IT.  

Opportunities are not provided to Healthcare professionals, scientists and researchers so they are forced to leave the boundaries of India and present their work in other countries.  The opportunities that exist in the other parts of the world should be created In India so that they can contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry. Therefore, Healthcare industry needs more investment and encouraging government policies should be formed to enhance the healthcare sector and explore its full potential.

So far the healthcare has stood strong and come together jointly to handle the COVID-19 crisis in the country. They have done well and shown their abilities and talents often overseen by the government. India also ranks high in providing generic drugs, test kits and medical devices. Even though the public has always viewed healthcare as unaffordable and profiteering, it is time to show them that our country in fact has the most affordable healthcare model. It’s only time before the healthcare reform measures are implemented and the industry moves forward as it did in the IT market.

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