Among the 22 health systems, 15 have digital solutions adopted or fully scaled for provider directory, 14 for provider search, 12 for transparency. 16 of the 22 are piloting or have adopted solutions for synchronous virtual visits
Realizing that consumers are increasingly making choices based on cost and convenience, forward-leaning healthcare organizations are taking action to engage consumers through a host of integrated digital channels. A digital front door is the full set of digital capabilities that link a consumer from initial awareness and interest all the way through to care delivery at the appropriate site. That includes everything from the provider directory and search to ratings and transparency, scheduling, triage, and virtual visits.
To maximize the impact of the digital front door, health systems must engage and work across several areas of the organization, including information technology, marketing, strategy, and clinical leadership. Technology teams must commit to working together to enable clean handoffs between multiple third-party applications.
It’s easier said than done. C-suite leaders and boards of directors have strategic goals and budget priorities that run the gamut. In the end, it’s all about creating consumer experiences that are consistent with what all health system leaders believe their organizations should provide. The best perspective often comes from handing the megaphone over to the consumer.