Almost every country in the world is under serious lockdown due to the coronavirus. Schools, colleges, industrial and commercial buildings are empty and closed. Even though the virus has shut people down in their houses, the daily operations and activities have not stopped. Employees are still working and carrying out their daily operations and the education of students continues. The only difference is that all of the work, learning, and activities are done inside the boundaries of the house. Due to this, the wireless networks and internet are coming under great stress due to the immense pressure to deliver connectivity across businesses and schools. 

Every single business and industry faculty has asked their employees to work from home, the restaurants and entertainment industries have moved their services to online, schools and universities have implemented remote learning via different connectivity apps. Zoom, food delivery apps, Netflix, Amazon services are becoming the new companions of people. This sudden burden on aging WiFi routers and digital collaboration tools may soon reveal the weak points in the system. Many of the systems weren’t built to handle so many logins and tasks at the same time, resulting in them collapsing

The dangerous amount of traffic on the web can disrupt the chain of connections and the companies may not be fast enough to stop them. Due to the entire world isolated inside the doors of the home, there is an increasing amount of accumulation of users on video streaming services like Amazon and Netflix and online gaming. 

Meanwhile, the government and internet providers have announced special offers and changes in data services including payment of late fees. For now, the officials are not worried because the pressure and the sudden demands are being handled well.