Jammu & Kashmir lucrative for pharma companies in India. Even now there are close to 50 manufacturing units registered in the state, including names like Lupin, Sun Pharma and Cadila Pharmaceuticals. The size of state’s pharma market is pegged between Rs 1200-1400 cr.

So what works in favor of the state? First of all, the low cost of electricity and running water supply. Because of hydro power, per unit cost of electricity in Jammu is Rs 2, compared to Rs 6-7 in other places. The state’s power requirement is also not that high given the colder climate. That colder environment is also beneficial to produce temperature sensitive vaccines. Another facts is, due to colder climate, storage of vaccines and pharma drugs is at very low cost compared to any other states, which makes Jammu & Kashmir lucrative for pharma.

Industry players are waiting for the government to come up with the investment plan and incentives, as well as adequate safety and stability measures.