Largest Ebola vaccine trial begins in Uganda | DocMode
Largest Ebola vaccine trial begins in Uganda

According to Uganda’s Medical Research Council, the country has started its largest ever Ebola vaccine trial in its efforts to contain and prevent the disease from spreading. The worst affected country as of now is Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which has seen 1800 casualties so far. This has been the second-deadliest epidemic outbreak till date with close to 70% fatality rates. 

The new, experimental vaccine by Johnson & Johnson has to be administered in two shots over a period of two months in the largest Ebola vaccine trial. This makes it a little challenging given the violence in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) hampering the Ebola control measures. 

Merck has been providing the only available vaccine for the diseases so far, critical during the 2013-16 outbreak, but its supply has been sporadic. 


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