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Liver transplants registry in India picked up pace

Almost 2,000 liver transplants were carried out in India, which is the highest in the world but there was no specific record or data stored of these. Due to this, Indian doctors has to take the assistance from U.S and U.K registries. 

To deal with this The Liver Transplantation Society of India had four month-long consultative discussions on various important aspects like patient confidentiality, data sharing techniques, designing a user-friendly interface, etc. After analysis they finally started the first voluntary Liver Transplant Registry on 15th August. A beta version was first tested before starting the registry.

Since the start of the registry, the registry has already collected the data of 74 liver transplants carried out in six states by 11 hospitals. Bengaluru-based transplant surgeon Sonal Asthana told The Hindu,”Hospitals from Delhi NCR, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have voluntarily reported their transplants to the registry. India has a 90% survival rate in liver transplants, but it may vary from hospital to hospital and doctor to doctor More hospitals are in various stages of signing up and by December, we hope to get the majority of liver transplantation centers on board”

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