Malnutrition is the misuse and absence of nutrition. Director Zeeshan Khan, is producing his debut feature film ‘Talash’, Pakistan’s first on malnutrition. While researching they realized that every second a child in Pakistan is malnourished. Further research also suggested that nearly 63% of our children have iron deficiency. The team met with couples, families, healthcare providers and our elders and discovered that malnutrition is one of the greatest challenges they are facing today. Talash has a strong message to convey to the audience, that too along the lines of entertainment. It has all the essentials a film should have; romance, drama, tragedy and comedy. It is a commercial project. The movie also depicts a love triangle among medical college graduates. The director mentions that ‘Talash’ is one of a kind feature film. It cannot be compares to other movies around the world. ‘Talash’ is special because it is Pakistan’s contribution to the world. Through the film, they will send across a global message to a common problem.