Doctors spend a lot of time for writing or typing down the notes that contain details of a patient’s every visit. Then they have to be recorded in the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) for future references and visits. Recently Altais (a company that helps medical healthcare professionals build-up the health and well-being of their patients) created a program where a doctor can easily record all the details of the patient in EHR directly simply by dictating them to the Apple watch.

The system is developed in conjunction with Notable Health and Blue Shield of California.It is as easy as it sounds, in this process the doctor is required to wear an Apple watch and dictate the details to it, then the Apple wearable uses a natural language processing system to determine the key details and send it automatically in the patient’s EHR.

This new program not only helps the doctors but also provide various facilities to the patients who install the Blue Shield App. Through the app, patients can check their health insurance, appointments and run different health surveys.

Altais this new program will bring about a drastic change in the system of recording medical reports and it will provide the doctors as well as patients a great help.