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Medical tourists accumulate healthcare from the troubled locals

The number of tourists arriving in India for medical attention are rapidly increasing every year providing a boost of earnings for the economy. This rise took place due to availability of e-medical visas for foreigners, fiscal incentives, tax concessions and cheap healthcare treatment as compared to other nations. But because of this, the locals are troubled. Most of the hospitals in India are privatized that attract their high profits from medical travelers, which leaves the poor India patients neglected. Many have claimed that the medical tourists are hoarding up all the medical services and treatments.

Since the medical travelers bounce in and out of different countries, they encounter different environments and diseases which can lead to risks of infections and. The report by OECD proposes to make the medical travelers aware of the possibilities for acquiring diseases and injuries which are unfamiliar in their countries. Also taking preventative medications and general measures should be mandatory prior to the trip overseas.

It is hereby important for the government and medical organizations to maintain a balance between both local care as well as foreign medical care and give immediate and equivalent attention to local patients.  

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