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Medicines Need To Prove Their Worth in clinical trial data

Increasing pressure to provide evidence of outcomes delivered in the real-world compared to those expected on the basis of clinical trial data. Companies simply cannot charge a lot of money for their medicines without scrutiny or challenge. This affects the pharmaceutical industry across the globe as healthcare systems become more value for money and outcomes focused. As technology becomes more sophisticated, the ability to access, analyse and act upon vast amounts of data is invaluable. It gives the pharma industry a vital validation tool to help demonstrate product value at the points of decision-making and/or approval and whether they work over the longer term, which ultimately will lead to affordable quality care. There is a wealth of data available, but by collating this and fully utilising as much information as possible, the benefits go beyond just numbers.This insight enables us to focus on optimising drug usage to avoid wastage and ensure cost containment. It also frees up valuable time so that physicians can focus more on delivering patient-centric care. Data can also prove invaluable in reducing duplication and by helping healthcare professionals take a proactive approach. By using AI, it’s possible to identify trends and track patient outcomes, ensuring the most effective medicines are available in the right quantities for better health.

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