3,001 people based in the U.S. participated in a survey regarding the use of technology for the treatment of their diseases. Among the participants 37% were Baby Boomers, 26% Gen Xers, 28% Millennials and 9% Gen Zers. The results show that 73% of Millennials avoid consulting a doctor and rather use technology for identifying and treating their illnesses. The report also observed that technology enhanced the doctor-patient relationship. It was found that In the future, 47% of survey respondents would like to communicate through text, while 38% would like to participate in video chats. 

The authors of the study wrote,” There is a desire for technology to play a larger role in the future of their healthcare by helping patients find care easier, communicate with their doctor more efficiently and even help in the diagnosis/treatment phase,” 

The report revealed that 6 out of 10 consumers use the Internet to try to determine their medical problems and that number is higher for Millennials(76%).

These final results conclude that survey respondents are more comfortable in using the technology in their healthcare experience.