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Misdiagnosis caused by an Overactive Thyroid

Actress Ruby Rose reveals her experience of depression revealing that she has dealt with a number of mental health issues that concern her entire life. The lead “Orange is the New Black” described the impact of celebrating World Mental Health Day in a social media post. She caught her post saying she had suffered in her life with mental health. She announced that when she was 13 she was first diagnosed with depression, then at 16 with a major depressive disorder. She found out again at the age of 18 that she had dissociative amnesia. When someone is suffering from dissociative amnesia, due to past trauma, they can not remember much of their life. She had completely erased from her memories for a couple of years. She said that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but it turned out she was having depression. She wrote that it was her overactive thyroid that created misdiagnosis. The misdiagnosis led to medication, medication off, on and off and on and off for every wrong diagnosis. Even when she was as young as 12, Rose said she had tried to commit suicide. The actor and model made her debut in The CW series as “Batwoman.” She plays Kate Kane, a character otherwise known in the show through her eponymous alter ego crime-fighting.

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