More Attention in hospitals report Greater Medical Satisfaction News
More Attention in hospitals report Greater Medical Satisfaction

According to findings reported at the 54th Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition of ASHP, patients who received attention from pharmacists during hospital stays reported greater medical satisfaction. The study focused on the impact of pharmacists concentrating on teaching patients about medicines when they progressed out of hospital care. During the research, pharmacists reconciled the prescription of patients before discharge, addressed the medicine they were taking with patients, and after discharge reached them by phone to address and discuss their treatment. “During a hospital stay, pharmacists perform a variety of vital roles for patients, including effective medication management and secure prescription. Finally, they may feel more confident regarding their role in helping people move from different care stages, says the specialist. These studies contribute to the literature that shows that the role of pharmacists in hospital discharge enhances outcomes and health. The study also showed that the Transitions-of-Care pharmacist avoided drug health incidents before discharge in more than 100 cases, states the specialist. This also helps in reducing excessive re-admissions related to post-discharge drug complications. This also helped increase hospital revenue and thus the overall health system revenue. Of the 1,728 patients shown in the report, 414 received the full plan for transition-of-care instruction, including a check-up pharmacist phone call. In the average mean score, these patients displayed a substantial increase of 14.7 percent in regard to medical satisfaction received with the services they were provided with.

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