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Need for evolution in health sector of India

Since the beginning, India’s health sector has been driven by private organizations while the government’s role was limited only to setting up medical education and treatments for the people. There have been many recent technical developments such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML) and data analytics. As suggested by Former Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Arvind Panagariya, these advancements can be used in the health sector for better delivery of health services and build a good healthcare system.

Most of the pricing challenges faced in health sector is because more than half percent of the hospitals and medical organizations are owned and run by private companies, they are responsible for providing medical services to common people. The high pricing strategies of these companies for profit maximization create an obstacle for the people who need primary medical care and assistance.

Till now the government just looked after building good infrastructure for medical institutions and volunteering in medical research. Panagariya said “The biggest problem that India had was that in the rural areas and even in tier 2-3 cities, the qualified doctors just don’t go..and much of the provision is done my people who have just kind of learnt the job or somebody who have worked as an assistant with a doctor” 

But since the introduction of The Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Act, 2019, there is a hope to beat these challenges faced by the health sector.

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