Flagship innovation, KinoScan will focus on the field of oncology, working in collaboration with pharma to improve the monitoring of drug efficacy and response, and for the discovery of novel biomarkers to aid patient stratification and support superior clinical trial performance. Kinomica Ltd has already worked in collaboration with big pharma to launch technology to revolutionise oncology. The company has successfully been applying its kinase analysis with on-market drugs.
Claire Brown, director of investment for BioCity, said: “We believe Kinomica are at the forefront of a new area. While genomic approaches have been successful in allowing the stratifying of patients, increasingly, understanding the molecular ‘re-wiring’ of tumours, such as that provided by KinoScan, is critical. Kinomica provides unique insights that Pharma will be able to leverage, as evidenced by the traction already made to date with key partners in this sector.”
Jane Theaker Kinomica CEO commented: “We are really excited that our Pharma customers and investors see the value of cell-signal profiling to gain insights that have a huge positive impact on patients lives. Our proprietary proteomics algorithms and database allows us to better identify drug targets, personalise drug treatments and develop diagnostics. While the genomics revolution in personalised medicine was driven by NGS, our KinoScan technology is proteomic next-generation sequencing.”

technology to revolutionise oncology