Tertiary Care Cancer Centres (TCCCs) in different states reveal some worrisome figures about lack of breast cancer awareness in India.The figures shared by the doctors at Nagpur’s Rashtrasant Tukadoji TCC Centre shows that less than 8% patients approach cancer hospitals at the first stage of breast cancer, which is most effectively treatable. More than 50% cancer patients are at the advanced stage (II and III), while nearly 6 to 13% patients reach hospitals only when their breast cancer is in the fourth and last stage.

Poor screening of breast cancer is another factor responsible for the late detection. There is no national or regional breast cancer screening programme in India. Mammography is not advocated for mass screening because it’s not cost effective. Spreading awareness is the only solution that can improve this tally..

Data from TCCCs in Mumbai, Kochin, Chennai, Lucknow and Nagpur show that the conditions are almost similar in all states in the country and the reason behind it is lack of awareness about breast cancer. In Nagpur, 39% of cancer-affected women have breast cancer.