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O51 Fitness: An eco friendly gym

O51 Fitness, based in Abbey Park, Romsey, is getting a refurbishment and becoming an eco-friendly gym by using energy that is made with cardio machines for electricity. They have also installed equipment to track how much energy one will use. The club is already ‘ water-free ‘ and continues to impose ‘ penalties ‘ to plastic bottles for single-use, such as 50 burpees. As part of the refurbishment, Amy, the instructor, said that by scanning a QR code from one’s phone, he/she can track how much energy they are generating in real terms. She said the more power you make, the less your membership will be per month. In the future, they plan to make equipment eco-friendly, such as yoga mats that are used out of recyclable material. We plan to make eco-friendly products in the future, such as yoga mats, which are used with recyclable material. Amy’s goal is to change membership prices based on how much revenue they make. The more influence one obtains, she said, the less a month their membership will be. The launch event was on Friday, September 13 from 4 pm and  O51 Fitness was closed on Thursday, September 12 to aid the refurbishment. On the night of the launch event, there was a special membership offer for people who sign up on opening day.

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