Bolin and his friend Sebastian Hermelin launched War on Cancer in May 2016, a social network app for all cancer sufferers.For many patients the emotional side of cancer can be as challenging as the physical ailments the patients tend to feel alone, and cannot share their problems without feeling like they are overburdening friends and family. The app provides a safe space where sufferers can share experiences, in a place where they find others like themselves. Not only is this beneficial for the patient, it  could also help accelerate the search for a cure as an additional benefit, as it would help pharma-tech companies directly access data reported by patients.

To help with this 95 percent of patients are open to sharing this information as long as they understand its intent. War on Cancer can make money by developing software that can enable patients to share their data with researchers and pharmaceutical companies quickly and simply, while also keeping patients aware of the outcomes of this research.

There are up to 40,000 ongoing clinical studies at any time, but Hermelin claims 60 per cent of them “fail miserably” – mostly because they can’t find sufficient patients for the particular form of cancer they’re trying to treat. The says that many times a   clinical trial from the patient viewpoint is  the only survival option. As a way to further this venture Bolin and Hermelin are presently working on a feature that will couple patients with suitable clinical trials, and help cut the €500m annual expenditure on patient recruitment across the healthcare industry.