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Optimization of medical equipment management with AI

There is an inversely proportional relationship between the quality of care and its cost to the patient. The primary factor contributing to the goal is the optimal use of high-end equipment in a multi-facility hospital. Artificial Intelligent (AI) is making the data collection process easy in the medical sector because of which experts, researchers, and doctors can regularly monitor the patient-records and use it productively. But how does Artificial Intelligence help in medical equipment management? 

Santosh Rathi, VP-Biomedical Services at Columbia Asia Hospitals explains that during a patient visit, AI automates processes allowing doctors to record each detail that the physician and the patient communicate. Medical equipment uses AI for direct feeding of data from the point of use in the hospital. The processed data provides visibility into trends. Doctors can use predictive analytics to treat high-cost and life-threatening conditions. “At Columbia Asia, we are able to look at these dashboards. It enables us to get visibility into utilization, and thus helps us to make a better decision whether to continue with the asset in the particular hospital or shift it to another Columbia Asia hospital across India,” says Rathi.

Rathi also highlights an instance where, through medical technology and data availability, doctors can remotely monitor patients’ vitals. Patient monitors are connected to the servers that push data to the doctors on a closed network. Along with cost efficiency achieved during this process, building a transparent and well-defined breakdown management system to measure downtime of the bio-med devices and its impact on business can also be done. The team can also automatize the service desk process to generate calls for assets due for preventive maintenance so as to ensure uninterrupted and efficient operations 24×7.

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