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Lives Of Patients Suffering From Organ Failure

The Department of Medical Education and Research is expected to set up a state organ and tissue transplant organization (SOTTO) with two organ recovery centers to facilitate and control organ transplantation and to help with the problem of organ failure in the country. Under the National Organ Transplant Program, the SOTTO is being developed. 

Sharing information, Minister of Medical Education and Research O P Soni said there was an acute shortage of human organs to save the lives of a large number of end-stage organ failure patients. The organ procurement and transplantation system is being built in the state to facilitate the donation of cadaver organs, he added.

Soni stated that SOTTO would manage the operations of organ transplantation and the eventual commissioning of the green corridor, the unique path allowing extracted organs to enter the planned hospital. The responsibility for the procurement, delivery, storage and distribution of organs to patients in the state will be assigned to the agency. It will also be accountable for post-transplant patients and for the control of rejection and survival rates by a recipient. The group will also host awareness-raising activities, learning programs to encourage organ donation.

The rate of organ donation in India is one per million As reported, around 7,000 solid organ transplants are conducted annually in the country of which 6,000 were kidney transplants compared to the 1.5 lakh annual requirement. Approximately 1,200 livers are transplanted annually to demand of 30,000 and 17 hearts to request of 50. Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra states are related to the maximum number of transplants.

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