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Organ Transplantation Saving Lives Today

Highlighting the need to raise awareness of organ donation that still has social stigma attached to it, experts said transplant coordinators play a vital role in motivating brain-dead family members and relatives to harvest major organs. The spike in organ failure events, organ transplantation played a major role in saving lives.

Dr. Satyavara Prasad, who is also VIMS Director, shed light on the typology of organ transplantation. “Live transplantation entails contributing vital organs by a family member or client friend, while corpse transplantation includes removing the chest, kidneys, and other brain-dead body. Reiterating the prior consent of donor family members, Dr. Satyavara Prasad said the Appropriate Authority for Cadaver Transplantation (AACT) will distribute extracted organs to patients.

The Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) Five-day training session for transplant coordinators, jointly arranged by Jeevandan, Andhra Pradesh, in collaboration with the Mohan Foundation, is the 66th national training program conducted by the Mohan Foundation. All in all, 2,359 transplant coordinators across the country were trained. The structure motivates family members of brain-dead patients in Tamil Nadu government hospitals and can be repeated in country said Ms. Lalitha Raghuram.

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