Online vitamin and supplement purchases have been increasing 12% faster than overall e-commerce sales. This means the nutraceutical goods market which includes production and distribution of vitamins and supplements need to make sure that their products remain intact, look good and appealing in reality as they did in the online pictures. For the continuity of such growth the e-commerce is calling in for the movement that will motivate and command the providers to switch from rigid plastic and breakable glass containers to portable stick packs and flexible pouches. This is necessary since every commodity sent is affected by the courier services of various online e-commerce websites such as Amazon.

It is observed that a large amount of packaging is done by the automatic or robotic machines which are not able to handle products, especially those made from glass, safely and effectively. The big company Amazon is helping the nutraceutical goods providers to switch to easily packable trays and pouches. These pouches and trays help to lower the shipping charges as their packaging is low in weight and easy to pack. Nutraceutical producers are moving away from a cold supply chain to other systems that offer fresh-keeping schemes and the companies who help pack their vitamins and supplements products in such a way that they have long shelf life and with more layers and thicker films.

Industries are also searching for more advanced desiccant methods to preserve the freshness during the shipping process of nutraceutical goods. Among many such aspects, personalised packaging is emerging within the supplement market. People are more attracted towards products that have better results in one’s health, do not cause pill fatigue and innovative foods and drinks that supply all their nutritional needs for exercise, weight management, digestive health, and general well-being.