Personalised nutrition advice defines what one should and should not eat. A number of companies now offer fully personalised nutritional advice aimed at improving your overall health. Seeing the evidence related to only themselves individually, a number of people are adopting personalized nutrition as a principle to help them live a healthier and longer life
The European funded Food4me research project, found that a personalised approach was motivating not only because the information upon which advice is based is tailored, but also because it puts the individual in control. There is a need to start using genetic based technology to prevent diseases.
The problem with this approach is that if public health services fail to roll out personalised nutrition advice to everyone as part of routine health care, it could soon lead to widened health inequalities, which would create a negative health impact in and of itself. Personalised nutrition has the potential to reduce the burden of disease on health services and in doing so reduce public spending on health care.