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Pet parents switching to homeopathy for treatment of their pets

An increasing number of people are switching to Allopathy, Ayurveda and acupuncture for treating their chronic diseases and mild illnesses. Likewise, pet parents are also administering Ayurveda, acupuncture, reiki and home remedies to comfort and cure their adorable pets. Some examples of such cases are: 

  • When Swaha Sircar’s eight-year-old golden retriever was diagnosed with arthritis, she chose to give her pet give her milk with organic turmeric every night and looked up pet massage tutorials on YouTube and give her massages instead of giving her direct chemical treatment
  •  Ameeta Jasrotia often administers reiki on her 18-year-old terrier to bring him comfort. “My dog is almost at the end of his life. He doesn’t eat properly and it disheartens me to put him through strong medicines which have side effects,” said Jasrotia.
  • Pet parent Shivani Darshan switched to homeopathy for her pets. “My dog could not lift his hind leg up and it would ache to see him drag himself. As dogs get older, they hardly eat and tend to have stomach troubles. Homeopathy gave him much strength without harmful steroids,” she said.
  • Restaurateur Malika Suri is launching an ayurvedic canine menu at her all-day café Mimansa, in Koramangala. This specialized menu will have antibiotic-free meat and organic vegetables which will be infused with traditional Indian ingredients like turmeric, ghee, and ajwain which help in pet deworming.
  • Many of them use home remedies like neem oil and virgin coconut oil to treat skin problems.

Vets too are not opposed by the idea of combining allopathy with alternative medicine. Dr. G Pampapathi, a pet specialist, prescribes acupuncture for pets after spinal surgery or chronic arthritis and prescribes ayurvedic ointments to cure skin conditions. Many pet parents have agreed that processed food and hard chemicals are not so good for animals. There is a need to bring about a shift and go back to grandmother’s remedies for the well-being of our pets.

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