According to 2015 data-sets from UNICEF, more than 44,000 women in India die each year from pregnancy-related causes and less than 40% of women in India receive antenatal care. This statistic is glaring for any pregnant woman or new mothers. 

To bring some order to the highly scattered world of maternal care in India, a startup named, Together for Her (TfH) has come together with a solution that will make the journey much easier for pregnant women. An aggregator of all the verified maternity hospitals and doctors in a city, along with their reviews from mothers, TfH is creating a name for itself in femtech space in India. 

Currently pregnant women in five Indian states can refer to this website having over 30,000 reviews and 1,000 reviewed hospitals, TfH has also earned a placement in the prestigious F-Lane accelerator program by Vodafone Institute in Berlin.