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Premiums are now a Strain on Employees

Although job-based health insurance premiums are moderating from earlier spikes in penalty, premiums are now a strain on many employees, health experts claim. Employees were advised to review their choices during the open enrollment period this year to ensure that they do not miss any cost savings. Workers can believe that the choices made in the budget are the same as last year and pay little attention. It’s not always the case, however. Tracy Watts, a senior partner and national health policy director at the profit company Mercer, said staff would take time to review proposals. Employers said they typically added a “preferred provider” plan, or P.P.O., which allows workers to seek medical attention for a lower fee from doctors in a network. Such services often have lower deductibles and higher premiums. Many companies offer a different choice, known as a balanced medical expense plan, to help workers save on health costs. The F.S.A. requires employers to set aside pre-tax funds from their paycheck to pay for health expenses not protected by their benefits. These accounts have lower contribution limits that can not be transferred from one employer to another and restrict how much money can be transferred from one year to the next.

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