Cancer though curable is a deadly disease. People diagnosed with cancer often seek authentic information about their condition. To aid them with this, GoodRx launched a site called This site requires people to provide information related to their age, gender and further about their cancer diagnosis. They will need to enter information about the stage of cancer, grade, how long it has been since diagnosis and histology. On the basis of the data accumulated by the National Cancer Institute, the number of people-with similar diagnosis-that survived up to five years is calculated. This basically means people with cancer or their loved ones can better understand the prognosis of cancer in their specific condition. This can be then taken to their oncologist for thorough analysis. Since the internet is vast and provides more generic information, the site aims to be more definite with their inquiry.

A thoracic oncologist, Dr. Jennifer Temel is doubtful of online tools providing a prognosis of cancer. She mentions that many of the patients that she tends to, turn out to have a prognosis of a couple of months or a year. That information, she explains, is not something one would wish to find out on the internet in the absence of any communication with a clinician and social support. This is why anything found on these prognosis tools should be discussed with the oncologist. Courage Health hosts and is a corporation for public benefit with exactly that goa;l in mind. The site was funded by veteran Stephen Buck and Technology expert, Omar Mehmood. they aim to keep the tool-free and are open to sponsorships and potential buyers.