In India, regulation rates in the homeopathic industry are much higher than in other nations, said Dr. Robert Van Haselen, director of the World Integrated Medicine Forum (WIMF). He spoke to journalists during Wednesday’s 2nd WIMF meeting about the said regulation. Inaugurated by Ayush Minister Shripad Naik, the platform would focus on governing homeopathic medicines and explore ways to advance international cooperation. While homeopathy is practiced in several countries, the homeopathic sector regulations are minimal. Naik urged industry and homeopathic medical colleges to invest a certain percentage of institutional and industrial revenue in research and work with the Central Homoeopathy Council to undertake high-quality, cutting-edge research projects. Naik brought it to notice that Western medicine is facing a huge challenge in regard to the management of non-communicable diseases which can be tackled by means of safer medicines. The conference is attended by key stakeholders from the public and private sectors such as members of the World Health Organization (WHO) and pharmaceutical authorities, academics and industrialists from Germany, the USA, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, Belgium, South Africa, Argentina, Russia, Greece, Austria, Cuba, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka. Veterinary experts, regulators and drug controllers from different states are also attending the forum.