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Rewarding career options besides MBBS for medical students

Although career options in veterinary science has developed in urban areas thanks to a passion for pets, the majority of public jobs in the field are in rural areas. In the meantime, BDS is common in both urban and rural areas, with several medical practitioners finding this as one of the top career choices.

Saurabh Kumar, Vidya Mandir classes director of academics, suggests that dentistry is a better choice for those who are selective about locations. Veterinary sciences are more common in rural areas, since animal husbandry provides more range and greater opportunities. On the other hand, in towns and cities the options for treating pets is not every finantcially attractive. To find better scope one could always relocate to the rural region, as it will also hold better options in the government sector.”

With regard to BDS, he states that BDS as a profession has a wider reach. He also adds that AYUSH Ministry may also be a good choice as naturopathy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, and ayurveda are becoming more and more common and acquiring international recognition as well. The field is expected to expand even more with the ministry bringing in money and fostering it as an Indian culture. Swati Agarwal is of the opinion that it actually boils down to what one really loves. Swati Agarwal is a Career Coach and says that these two career options should be considered by those who enjoy studying biology-related concepts and want to go down the insightful studying path.

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