Infectious diseases do no understand national boundaries, they just destroy one nation to another. The Chinese Health community upgraded its expertise in the science of epidemiology and infectious disease after its failure during SARS. When the cases rose to 27 in the coronavirus-origin city Wuhan, the scientists in China quickly started working on the unknown virus and within 10 days, the virus causing the mysterious deaths was identified as an RNA coronavirus. Given it was an infectious protein cell, the genome sequence of coronavirus was quickly posted on the international database, making it visible to scientists all over the world. Likewise, scientists need to collaborate from all over the world to find a cure for the novel coronavirus.

Chinese scientists had to have the bravery to announce to the world the existence and possible significance of the virus provided that it was yet another outbreak emanating from China. The novel coronavirus has forced scientists to work together, taking each other’s help to bring out a cure for the coronavirus. This is happening despite many international conflicts and trade wars between different nations. Global communication of data regarding the novel coronavirus and ideas of science are being exchanged through cross-border collaborations between different institutes, hospitals, and health organizations. 

Scientists all over the world take lessons from Africa that are collectively working to combat HIV, Lassa, Ebola, and India that are fighting TB and leprosy. In this crisis, the Chinese and US officials are working their best to provide as much evidence and information as they can. Therefore scientists need to collaborate and cooperate among themselves and in between different nations to collectively find the cure for the novel coronavirus and free the countries from the lockdown state.