In the 21st century, soft power is totally different from the 20th century’s soft power. India is a condition of civilization, not a nation-state. In this sense, it is difficult to neglect and discredit Ayurveda’s importance to its civilizational legacy. The time is ripe for India to concretize and take calculated measures in the 21st century to position Ayurveda as a structure of medical science and knowledge, not just for itself, but for the planet. From a global perspective, Ayurveda’s impact does not stop there. For some of her therapies, Katy Perry, the popular international pop star, related to her work into traditional Indian medicine. She said in an interview with an Australian radio show, that in contrast to just taking a pill, there are ancient methods to cure oneself, which is something she really wanted to explore. So I’ve done this thing called panchakarma— it comes from India and its Ayurvedic food and cleansing. Several states in India are also emerging as Ayurveda hotspots; a recent addition is Himachal Pradesh, where a large number of professionals from different fields in the United States are visiting, which also substantially enables local tourism in the state. The future holds the odds in favor of Ayurveda.