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Standardization: A Boon To Homeopathy

Multiple factors have culminated in a worldwide revival in homeopathy. Due to standardization, which in developed countries is occurring at a rapid pace, homeopathy is approaching allopathic medicines. Homeopathy medicines are now pre-medicated, pre-packaged, packed, and labeled, a blessing to physicians. New packaging pipes are made of plastic food grade and dispensing with modern technology has become hygienic and simpler. The pattern has just begun and is catching up quickly. As many of the raw materials and medicines come from different countries, standardized products have become a necessity due to globalization. Second, the ‘placebo theory’ has been debunked by many clinical trials and has proven that homeopathy has a scientific basis and is actually working. Another such research, the EPI3 study, has amply demonstrated the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment vis-à-vis traditional medicine by demonstrating that homeopathy can be as successful with fewer side effects than conventional therapy. In research on upper respiratory tract disease, for instance, it was shown that homeopathic training reduced antibiotic use by almost 50%. Third, the spectrum of homeopathically curable diseases has grown far wider than previously thought. Studies show that in the long-term care of patients with chronic diseases, homeopathic medical therapy can play a beneficial role. ENT, respiratory, neurological and osteoarticular conditions as well as psychological and mental issues are some of the illnesses that better lead to homeopathic treatment. It can also help people heal faster after a procedure. In summary, homeopathy, including the side effects of allopathy, can take care of 50 percent of health issues. Third, in contrast with other medications, homeopathic medicines are quite inexpensive. The French government measured all the costs associated with a homeopathic doctor’s practice with that of a traditional physician and noticed that homeopathic care cost half as much. There is still room for improvement in spite of these shiny trends. Stakeholders, including government and private actors, have a vital role to play in contributing to the popularization of homeopathy.

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