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Technology helps in Cancer Patient Management amid coronavirus crisis

These times during the global pandemic of coronavirus are hard. People, industries, doctors, and patients are suffering from pressure and depression to survive this. Since most of the doctors, equipment, and healthcare attention is focused mainly on coronavirus, people with other diseases such as cancer are struggling hard to keep themselves healthy. Cancer patients are the most vulnerable during this pandemic. If it weren’t for the support of technology, Cancer Patient Management during coronavirus would have been difficult. 

Cancer patients might feel neglected and less important due to shifts in priorities of healthcare which can impact the mental health of patients. So technology steps up to help in Cancer Patient Management during coronavirus. Websites of different hospitals all over the world are helping the cancer patient to take charge of their own health by providing facilities to doctors and patients such as online consultation, and connection with the community to avoid feeling isolated. Wearable technology can track a patient’s temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and activity which is an important aspect to manage health in cancer patients. Many apps provide personal features like adding notes and questions regarding how a patient is feeling, a calendar to schedule appointments, taking medications, etc. 

We have never seen technology play such a significant part in promoting patient healthcare. Today, technology may be a lifeline to help patients remain linked to their doctors and their friends and family. Many apps, medical websites, and healthcare organizations are remodeling their technological policies and systems to keep up with the increasing demand from patients and doctors. They are trying to ease the process of delivery of healthcare as much as possible to take the steam off doctors and pressurized health systems. 


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