Healthcare after the coronavirus pandemic will not be the same as it was predicted to be in the future. Old ways of managing the healthcare of the world were found outdated and unfit for the situation of the crisis. This caused industries to collapse, remodel their systems, revise their administrative policies, and change their operations. Now these practices adopted to save lives of people may gradually become the norm of healthcare

Many health care facilities switch to self-triage mobile devices to help their patients search for symptoms before asking for time with a specialist. This could go a long way in disease detection. Switching from in-person visits to telemedicine has opened up a door for telemedicine in the future. When patients are assessed in their own homes, there would be an opportunity for clinicians and healthcare facilities to triage and screen a much greater number of patients than they individually could until now. 

The coronavirus pandemic is a sign for governments across the globe not to slash spending on R&D for infectious diseases in the future. These developments are the start of a new future. The COVID-19 pandemic, which undoubtedly won’t quickly vanish, is also a wake-up call for health care systems. Healthcare after the coronavirus pandemic can be better.