Researchers found that teens who were not in a romantic relationship had better social skills, low depression and performed better than those who were involved in relationships. Statistics contradict the idea that non-daters were distracted, researchers said, adding that non-dating should be included as one choice for healthy development in schools that promote health. At the end of the day, school health counselors, mental health professionals, and teachers must reinforce social norms that encourage the individual freedom of teens to choose whether or not to marry, suggesting that both are appropriate and safe choices suggests the University of Georgia’s principal investigator Brooke Douglas. The study, published in the School Health Journal, included 594 Class 10 students. Investigators classified them into four classes and contrasted them using rankings for educators and questionnaires for participants. The findings provide legitimate proof of why early romantic relationship may occasionally be caused by peer pressure or personal issues, is a bad idea. Regardless, teens’ decisions about their personal life must be respected by their family and friends. Depression, though it can be caused by any event in a person’s life, is a very serious mental disorder and care should be taken for the management of this disease by the individual as well as their loved ones.