Telemedicine is basically consulting your doctor via phone, text, or the internet. When the doctor isn’t available for face-to-face communication due to genuine reasons, we opt for telemedicine and discuss our symptoms and ask treatments for it through any of the available communication channels. The doctor then diagnoses the problem and suggests prescriptions and solutions for it. In the cases of serious illnesses advanced options such as examinations via video conferencing, 5G wireless networks for X-rays and hearing tests, checking vitals, and glucose levels by home-use devices are used. Telemedicine is widely used in rural locations and is regarded as a first-line healthcare tool during wars and pandemics – such as the current coronavirus pandemic.

How to find a good online doctor

Before looking online, it might be good to check your insurance plan to find a reliable telemedicine doctor as large insurance companies have partnered with telehealth companies. Another option is looking for and downloading a telehealth app. It is best to look for an app related to a known healthcare entity or a hospital that you trust. Many hospitals and healthcare organizations offer online consultation by charging a certain amount of fee.

Virtual Visits

Whenever you visit your doctor virtually it is important to be honest regarding your symptoms and medical history as it is important for proper treatment. All the requirements such as proper internet connection, medical reports should be done as per instructions.  A lot of studies show that people are more vocal and open about their sensitive issues such as alcohol consumption, mental health when it comes to virtual consultation. 

It is time to use telemedicine for what it really is good at

Medical problems such as skin infection, swollen mosquito bite, bloodshot eyes or conjunctivitis, which can be solved by telemedicine should be normalized. This can take out the pressure off the doctors and the unnecessary queues at clinics and hospitals. 

Telemedicine addresses mental health issues 

Whether you are worried about the coronavirus or something else, there are also several telehealth programs that provide therapy and care. Whether you want counseling or mental health coaching even for problems such as anxiety and depression, there are plenty of specifically equipped telehealth services for this, and you can speak to the services from the privacy of your home office, garage, or even your bathroom.

Known as technical innovation that is transforming the entire system of health care, telemedicine is here to stay.  Today, the advent of telemedicine helps patients and providers. Telemedicine ‘s true role at the moment lies in the comfort it provides patients and physicians by avoiding the unnecessary need for a physical visit to get medical advice or treatment. Compared to the waiting process to see a doctor or other physician it is cost-effective.