Although the country is split-over whether or not the government can provide healthcare for everyone, there have already been technological solutions that might ease the burden of this pandemic, such as telemedicine, but there is no clear move to fully introduce them. The real concern is that all stakeholders-including the insurance sector, hospitals, and clinics lack active involvement. In their current business models, they seem to be so comfortable and unwilling to change their processes and give access to the much-needed technology solutions. Moreover, new rules by the government are not pro-market.

In the next six to twelve months we could see global technology firms such as Google and Amazon, as well as major service providers such as Verizon and AT&T, collaborating with startups entrepreneurs to create highly safe telemedicine national healthcare connectivity networks. The healthcare system’s future is not only about cool systems — it’s about making good healthcare available and affordable to people of all walks of life. The coronavirus can damage the economy and cost thousands of lives, but if proper measures are taken to uphold the crashing economy, that would not go in vain.

As pioneers and technicians, there is currently an immense opportunity to switch up the entire healthcare system with better quality and lower cost services that improve profitability and are readily available to everyone. We should take the lessons of our health system’s failures and bring about the much needed improvement.