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Telemedicine to provide medical services to the public

One of the AYUSH Ministry’s responsibilities is to spread the numerous AYUSH medicine systems through diverse geographies and communities. Telemedicine has been determined by the Ministry as one of the ways to accomplish this aim. The AYUSH Grid initiative is the unified framework developed by the AYUSH Ministry to digitize the entire AYUSH field in all operational areas of AYUSH, such as the provision of health care (at various levels), research analysis, literacy, public health programs, laws and regulations concerning drugs, etc. The vision of National Health Policy 2017 and the e-governance goals of the Government of India would be at the foundation of the AYUSH Grid. The development of this nationwide IT Grid has already been started by the Ministry of AYUSH. Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, CEO, CSC SPV, and Shri PN Ranjit Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, signed the MoU between the Ministry of AYUSH and M / s CSC e-Governance Services India Limited to operate Telemedicine in Siddha Project pilot project. The MoU stipulates that the Telemedicine project will be initiated on 1 November 2019 and operate for a span of six months at locations specified in Tamil Nadu. All parties are also considering extending the Telemedicine project beyond the pilot stage, including more states and including all the AYUSH programs in the public interest. Telemedicine has the capacity to provide medical services to the public. The present MoU would expand the health care facility through the CSC units to those residing in Tamil Nadu’s rural and remote areas.

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