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Tendonitis Can Be Caused By Constant Texting

Tendonitis, also known as tendinitis, is a tendon-related infection that can impact all age groups, although it is more frequent in adults playing a lot of sport. Older adults with tendons that tend to lose elasticity and degrade as they age are vulnerable to tendonitis, ripping, and fracture. Excessive use of smartphones, such as constant texting or tapping on your mobile phone, can cause ligaments or tendons around your thumb to be damaged or injured, resulting in tendonitis. Any repeated action can essentially make you vulnerable to this debilitating condition. Tendonitis also impacts the hip, back or foot of the forearm, arm, hand, leg, neck and can cause acute pain, swelling, and tenderness requiring treatment.

Signs and symptoms of tendonitis

  • A dull ache concentrated around the affected area or joint
  • Swelling, heat, redness
  • Pain which gets worse on movement
  • A tightness that makes it difficult to move the area
  • A lump may develop along the tendon

Appropriate rest should cause the inflammation to decrease. So, before you feel better, you must avoid the tasks and workout that may have caused the injury. To help reduce swelling and pain, place ice packs on the affected area for up to 20 minutes every 2-3 hours. To support it, try to wrap a bandage around the injury or affected area. Keep the area affected/injured when sitting or lying up using a pillow. You must arrange an appointment with a doctor if you do not feel better or if the symptoms do not change within a few days of rest.

Stay active to keep your weight balanced to avoid this disease. Warm-up before and after you run and some stretching can help too. Evite the relentless use of smartphones and bringing relief to your thumb can prevent tendonitis Also do not remain for an extended period of time in the same position.

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