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E-healthcare will create a better future of healthcare

Issue of the doctor-patient ratio is creating a wide range of problems in the healthcare industry in India. In India, there are too many patients and very few doctors to treat them. Many of the population depends on Dr.Google for managing their sickness and illness, but this is dangerous as it isn’t backed and given by medical experts or practitioners. However, the best solution to fill-in the distant gap between doctor-patient is the growth of the digital face of clinic and doctors or simply named e-healthcare. 

Doctors could choose their own domain name and create a website that would be certified with the basic information about them, available from the Medical Council of India, as well as generic curated patient educational materials, based on their specialty. The website would allow doctors to connect directly with their patients and cut out the middleman so that doctors could practice medicine ethically. They could prescribe information therapy on their website in local languages using video. Feedback can be taken through the ‘comments’ section, and the patients can access help through FAQs online.

To generate more revenue from this the doctors can also add telemedicine modules to their website that will deal with online consultation and connecting pharma companies with digital access to doctors so that they would not have to hire medical representatives. The future of medical care is e-healthcare, with the assurance of online medical records, online appointments, m-health, digital health, and telemedicine, and their personal website will allow doctors to remain at the cutting edge of medicine.

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