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The increasing use of Health apps during lockdown

Health apps during lockdown have come up with new ways to keep people fit while remaining indoors to prevent coronavirus from spreading. Fitness and health apps such as CureFit and Fittr have introduced live workout sessions, online consultation, fitness regimens on various social media platforms. 

CureFit reports that as many as two lakh people attend live classes on the app each day. CureFit provides a range of programs including food delivery under, health care clinics named, and mental wellbeing program. Another fitness start-up, Fittr (formerly known as Squat), also estimates that during its live-streaming sessions on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram one-two lakh people connect with it daily. The company has also formed 60 WhatsApp groups, where its fitness coaches train people, and it also plans to carry out a live streaming function on its app soon.

Most health apps saw a decrease in their use during lockdown was declared. Although CureFit suffered as a result of its centers being closed, Fittr saw a dramatic decrease in the number of people taking up their subscriptions. So these apps introduced new features wherein people can monitor and improve their health by staying at home. Most of these features on the apps are delivered at no cost, so the businesses will later monetize from them.


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