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The studies and research of AYUSH Ministry for addressing coronavirus outbreak

Ayush ‘s ministry is instrumental in India ‘s fight against coronavirus disease. In an interview, Ayush minister Shripad Yesso Naik talks about actions undertaken by the ministry and discusses studies being carried out in the treatment of Covid-19 to generate scientific evidence in favor of ayurvedic herbs. The studies and research of AYUSH Ministry are done with the collaboration of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, public health institutes, and research councils and national institutes. 

The ministry addresses the pandemic problem of Covid-19 through clinical studies (prophylactic, stand-alone, and add-on interventions) of Ayush systems, and also studies the impact of Ayush-based prophylactic interventions in high-risk populations. It is also studying the impact among the population of Ayush advocacy and Ayush measures for Covid-19 prevention. The ministry has established a multidisciplinary special unit for research and development in Ayush with a group of experts to formulate and develop strategies for this initiative. In order to produce credible proof, the Ministry also launched collaborative clinical studies as a joint initiative of Ayush, Health, and Science & Technology Ministries through CSIR with technical support from ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) to study identified Ayurvedic herbs as an addition to Covid-19 hydroxychloroquine.

In addition, numerous prophylactic, clinical, and population-based survey studies were conducted to tackle the Covid-19 issue. The ministry has invited proposals for research through a dedicated Covid-19 website portal, which was thoroughly screened by a screening committee and task force to identify and study the best possible leads.

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