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The Union Health Minister on NMC

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan says that the recently enacted National Medical Commission Act (NMC) of 2019 will provide for a system of medical education that improves access to quality and affordable medical education and ensures the availability of adequate and high-quality medical professionals across the country. He mentions that in addition to the four Autonomous Boards and the Medical Advisory Council, the National Medical Commission will be a body of 33 members. The NMC Act specifies that States can continue to control the fees for state government medical colleges. The Commission will frame the guidelines for determining fees and all other fees for 50 percent seats of private medical schools and deemed universities. The guidelines set out in this manner will be legal in essence and binding on private medical colleges and universities. Under the Act, the Medical Assessment and Rating Board will establish the grading system for medical schools that will be clearly defined in the regulations. Students ‘ success in the National Exit Test (NEXT) would be one of the medical college classification requirements. 158 new medical schools have been formed over the past five years and around 29,000 MBBS seats have been expanded. In addition, the government is running a centrally sponsored scheme to establish new medical colleges and the scheme’s Phase III was recently announced. In the near future, this would result in more government medical colleges.

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