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Turning To Software Technology In The New Age

Most People resort to software technology for everything from appointment planning to workout motivation, according to the Parade-Cleveland Clinic Healthy Now report

Results also show that we socialize less in person, as 51 percent of respondents preferred to send a text over a phone conversation, and 33 percent said they devote more time on the internet than face-to-face conversation.

Americans are also becoming increasingly familiar with online doctor visits, according to the study.

“I understand that just going to your physician isn’t really the only place to get treatment,” Dr. Hyman said. “Online appointments are available; virtual training is available; there are all kinds of ways to actually engage with your health and health services that are actually more efficient and successful.”

Dr. Hyman claims that when it comes to the digital world, the best thing people can do is to utilize common sense. If there seems to be something too good to be true, it is probably. He encourages people who are concerned or confused about online medical or wellness advice to contact a health professional instead of solely relaying on software technology. 

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