Xerox, the photocopy machine manufacturers decided to help the healthcare organizations to fight the coronavirus battle. Xerox volunteers to manufacture disposable ventilators. This will greatly help to overcome the shortage of many ventilators in hospitals and emergency rooms. It has collaborated with medical equipment manufacturer Vortran Medical and is ready to increase the production of Go2Vent- a disposable ventilator usually used by the first responders at the time of emergency and disaster. 

Go2Vent serves as a hands-free ventilator, provides a continuous oxygen supply, which can be worked on compressed air or oxygen. This ventilator can be used in patients that are not in a very serious need for oxygen and who have mild breathing difficulties. To those in critical care, this would vacate the appropriate ventilating facilities.

For now on, the partnership’s planned production will range for about 150,000 to 200,000 ventilators per month until June. They hope the production will rise to a target of 1 million. Xerox holds an estimate of about $120 for each ventilator.