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Indian Menopause Society

About IMS -
The Indian Menopause Society is a multidisciplinary national society. It was launched in 1995. It is comitted to fostering the comprehensive well-being of the mature & elderly Indian women. The society provides a common forum for medical and other interested health professionals and people from all walks of life to work towards the goals of the society.

The goals of the society are -
-To increase awareness regarding menopause and aging through public health and education activities.
-To promote a multi-disciplinary multi-factorial comprehensive approach to the care of these
-To regularly update doctors and health professionals in the field of menopausal medicine to ensure appropriate health care for these women.
-To facilitate exchange of ideas and experiences of different disciplines since the physical, mental and emotional health of women in the years after menopause is truly.
-To collect information and data with particular reference to Indian women.
-To encourage research on relevant aspects in the Indian context.
-To help provide awareness and services to the less-privileged group of women of the society.

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