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What has the COVID pandemic taught us about public health?

Life changed dramatically when the COVID pandemic hit the world in 2020. Since then, we have witnessed lockdowns, economic meltdowns, work-from-home scenarios, travel bans and more. Besides these, the pandemic made us realise the value of family and the importance of maintaining good mental and physical health. And when countless people got infected and hospitalised, it made us realise the importance of having adequate health insurance too. While the pandemic is still not over, we can still prepare for emergencies by availing the best health insurance in India online. We can simply compare different insurers and policies before choosing one.

Go through these 10 health lessons that the pandemic taught us

  1. Eat healthy to be fit

From this COVID we have learnt that good health mainly comes from what we consume on a day to day basis. When people were falling sick or feeling weak after the infection, we realised how important it is to eat healthy every day. Healthy food, like fresh veggies and fruits, fibre, lean proteins and whole grains, also helps expedite recovery in many.Hence, we must include lots of healthy foods in our diet to prevent nutrient deficiencies and build strong immunity.

  1. Exercise is a must

In this COVID pandemic we also realised that regular physical activity and exercise are important for our overall fitness. Besides managing weight and blood cholesterol levels, exercise helps alleviate the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and cancer. Exercise also strengthens our bones, joints and muscles and reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis. What’s more, it has also a positive effect on our mood, energy levels and sleep quality. Walking, jogging, aerobics, swimming and dancing are some exercises we can try out.

  1. Housework helps maintain good health

While no one really likes to do household chores, they help us maintain good health. Tasks like sweeping, dusting, washing the windows, cooking, and more are great for physical as well as mental wellbeing. As per experts, people who engage themselves in household works regularly are at a lower risk of suffering from chronic diseases, accidental falls, and immobility as they get older.

  1. Less honking and more walking

Thanks to restrictions on public and private transport during the pandemic, we understood the importance of walking short distances. Walking more not only promotes heart health and fitness, but also improves mood, self-esteem and sleep quality.

  1. Home-cooked meals are the best

This is probably the most important health lesson learnt in 2021. When eateries were shut down during the pandemic, we ate more fresh and wholesome home cooked meals instead of junk and high-calorie foods. Studies have shown that when we prepare meals at home, we make healthier choices. We also tend to use less oil and opt for healthy cooking methods like boiling, baking and grilling. Home-cooked foods help boost energy levels, keep weight in check, and promote our overall wellbeing.

  1. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule

During the pandemic, with bans on night outs and parties, we were going to bed on time and sleeping better. This is when we understood how a good night’s sleep can change our physical and mental health for the better. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule also improves productivity and overall quality of life.

  1. Tackle stress better

The year 2021 and the pandemic also made us realise the importance of dealing with stress efficiently. When family members were getting infected and things were looking scary, stress levels shot up. Hence, it is important to practice meditation and do yoga or any kind of exercise regularly. These activities can help boost mental health and alleviate stress levels.

  1. Value our loved ones


We often get too busy with our lives and hardly spare any time for our loved ones. The pandemic made us realise how uncertain life can be and the importance of spending more time with our family. Besides this, we also understood that the support of our loved ones plays an important role in dealing with stress and promoting mental wellbeing.

  1. Get outdoors

When we were stuck at home for months during the pandemic, we realised the importance of spending time outdoors, particularly in a natural environment. Not venturing outside and spending more time with gadgets can hamper both physical and mental growth. It also increases stress levels, affects sleep quality and causes vitamin D deficiency in the body. Buy health insuranceA

Another lesson learnt from COVID pandemic is that health insurance is super important. We realised that medical emergencies can happen at any time and their treatment can burn a hole in the pocket. With a health plan at our disposal, we can avail cashless treatment at a network hospital and manage pre and post hospitalisation expenses easily. This is particularly important considering the rising cost of healthcare facilities.And the best part is that, when we can easily get the BEST HEALTH INSURANCE IN INDIA online with minimum paperwork, there is no reason to depend on an agent anymore.

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