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Customer Relationship Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the business mode of customer relationship management, the company focuses on customer loyalty by offering a quality of service that it would not find elsewhere.

Customer relationship processes

And the object of implementing a customer relationship policy is to give back the right place to an effective and long-lasting relationship between the customer and its supplier.

Thanks to the relationship management, customer and supplier become closer, the customer is put in the privileged place that must be its and the supplier must accept the dialogue with him and eventually its criticism.

Customer relationship therefore involves redesigning the company’s operational processes (marketing, customer service, supply chain, logistics, finance, production, human resources) and setting up or redeploying the IT infrastructure enabling well-defined and better controlled processes.

Customer relationship management is first and foremost considered as a relational process to deal with customer identification, building a customer and its needs knowledge database and, and improving the customer experience as well as the image of the company and its products to the customer.Customer relationship management is also a technological process, as it is described as the automation of a horizontally integrated business process, through several points of possible customer contact (marketing, sales), and using multiple and interconnected communication channels.

The four fundamental components of customer relationship management

  • Listen and know his client to develop a lasting relationship with him and offer him an adapted offer.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills and target the long-term relationship development with its customers.
  • Master the communication channels and networks, in order to communicate anywhere and anytime via multiple channels and set up an individualized dialogue.
  • Propose a valuable individualized offer.

At a company level, customer relationship management is managed by software often referred to as the marketing information system.

At a company level, customer relationship management is managed by software often referred to as the marketing information system.

It is based on a database in which all the exchanges between the company and the customers are stored, including as well all communications (mailings, mails, sending of samples, ..), reactions of the customer (purchase acts, request for information, ..) and may also include socio-demographic information or interests.

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