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DocMode understands the need of constant learning among all individuals in healthcare which is a field that is evolving every single day. DocMode is a website that provides authoritative, comprehensive and interactive learning programs for Health Professionals - Doctors and Medical Students- across the world. Medical content is reviewed and presented by Key Opinion leaders to effectively transfer knowledge, as well as communicate and network with each other through our Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs and Online Courses. Along with learning, DocMode creates an environment where healthcare professionals meet peers, network, discuss recent scientific advancements in medicine and share their With the number of registered users touching One Lakh we have conducted more than 600 CME’s and these numbers are ever increasing in most of the specialties and therapy areas. Along with catering to a doctor’s needs, DocMode has become a platform for various players in the Healthcare space to reach out and engage doctors. With our huge doctor base in a wide range of specialties- from general practitioners to Consultants and to super specialists, we are looking at doctors to be more involved and improve the healthcare environment across the country. DocMode constantly encourages Evidence-based practice, Documentation, Inter-professional learning, Doctor-Patient interaction, Research Work and Learning Courses in tie-up with Medical Associations both Indian and International, and world renowned Medical Education Institutions.

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